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Escaped with Honor

By: Charles Layton

Distinguished author Charles Layton of Indiana has generously donated signed copies of his book "Escaped with Honor" for our campaign to sell. We are excited to have Mr. Layton's support and to share his amazing story with fellow Hoosiers.



Charles Layton spent most of his life searching-for a place to belong and for peace from his past, including a tumultuous upbringing. Then he was drafted into the Army and in 1951, he and thirty-six other soldiers were captured during the Korean War. A daring escape, led by Layton, ended their seventeen weeks in captivity. Yet, his actions caused him decades of guilt. With heart-wrenching true stories in "Escaped with Honor," Layton takes readers on a journey through his dismal childhood, adventurous teen years and agonizing war experiences. During his search for a place to belong, he also found the pathway to peace and faith.  

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