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About Beth


In the past 30 years Beth and her family have lived in Indiana's 5th District, starting in Cicero from 1990 to '99, then moving to Zionsville shortly after, and now they've been living in Atlanta, IN since 2007.

More About Beth

In addition to my professional career, I have been married to my husband, Terry, for 30 years. We live on our 118 acre farm in the heart of agriculture in Hamilton County, IN. We have 2 children. Oliver is 26 and lives in Westfield, Indiana. Oliver is engaged to Anna Bokman and they plan to be married in May 2020. He is currently employed by Gaylor Electric as the Executive Liaison. Amelia is 25 years old, and started her career in Morgantown, WV where she was employed by WBOY(NBC/ABC affiliate) as the weekend weather anchor and special feature reporter. Amelia is now the weather anchor and storm chaser for WCIA (CBS affiliate) in Champaign, IL. I am also an animal lover and have a variety of animals on our farm that are pets, used for recreation, philanthropy and therapy. My passion is my Belgian Draft horses and I enjoy riding and driving my team.

Background & Professional 


        Starting out of college, Beth was a nurse and the caring hand that patients needed in their time of need. With her firsthand experience helping patients, Beth began a career of advocating for those who required assistance navigating their healthcare needs. Working in case management, Beth witnessed how the nation’s healthcare system works, but more importantly, how it doesn’t. Effectively managing cases and learning the business, Beth saw a better way to help patients. With her experience, coupled with hard work and determination to care for those who needed her help, Beth formed her own case management company. Working her way through the both healthcare bureaucracy and running her own business, creating jobs for Hoosiers, Beth built an efficient and successful business from the ground up.

        Today, with her husband Terry, Beth has started several other small businesses with the same determination and grit that made her first company so successful. From agriculture to business development, Beth’s entrepreneurial spirit knows no bounds. Always returning to her roots of caring and serving those in need, Beth has proven to be an effective leader and job creator while raising two children in the heart of Indiana.



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